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This website was developed because of the enormity of the Coronavirus pandemic—particularly as its shock waves reverberate in the Learning & Development community throughout the world—to give voice to ourselves as L&D professionals and to bear witness to the impact of COVID-19.

As individuals and organizations in the learning field, we should know and be able to monitor the full extent of the effects of the Coronavirus on the people and organizations in our field—recognizing that there will be both devastation and opportunity for individuals and organizations.

You may leave your reflections anonymously. Or, in your post, you can leave your name, your organization, your city, your country, etc. No login needed.

Privacy and Confidentiality: We will do no tracking nor data capture nor data analysis. We expect the words of the community will speak for themselves.

Instructions to Post a Reflection: Click on the appropriate category. Then click New Topic. Then type a Subject title and your message.

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Rules: We probably don’t need rules, but here they are: Be respectful and fair to all people, especially to people in our field. It’s okay to share your anger but don’t go overboard in finger-pointing, political criticism, etc. (a little is fine as long as you do it in a respectful tone). Absolutely no selling, advertising, or marketing!!! This is NOT the place!

Dedication: To the world-wide community of Learning & Development Professionals


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