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As individuals and organizations in the learning field, we should know and be able to monitor the full extent of the effects of the Coronavirus on the people and organizations in our field—recognizing that there will be both devastation and opportunity for individuals and organizations.

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Am I Sick?


I find myself waking up each morning and self-assessing - how am I, am I sick?  My throat feels a little scratchy, I cough, do I have a dry cough?  I feel a bit wheezy - is this the beginning of a viral infection - where double pneumonia sets in and I won't be able to breathe?  I'm feeling a little blah, losing track of the days, what day is it anyway? Do I have a temperature?  I feel a little cold - will I start to ache and shake?  This time of year - there is a lot of flu going around.  I did get a flu shot back in November, but are there multiple strains out there?  How do I tell the difference between coronavirus and the flu?  The check lists are pretty similar and no symptom seems to be definitive.  Wait, I just read a some information that an early sign might be the loss of a sense of smell.  Can I still smell - say food or flowers? My wife and I have stocked up on staples, no hoarding, but there seems to be many who do hoard things like toilet paper and even have decided to buy guns and load up on ammo - people are fearful?  Could our world turn into a version of Mad Max with roving marauders?  It does not seem possible - but then again, we are experiencing a world wide phenomena - and the world seems very surreal.  Everyone seems to be watching all the contagion and epidemic movies on NetFlix - will any of these scenarios pan out.  My wife and I have been hunkered down for over two weeks.  We go for a long walk every day.  We live in a more rural area outside of a small town - so not a lot of people on the roads.  State Parks have more people - but relatively sparse.  I did take my 90 year old father to his Doctor's appointment - for a regular procedure that saved the sight in his one remaining functional eye.  He still lives independently.  We are ready to do this for several months if necessary, but the constant togetherness is a bit stressful - but we can laugh at that, mostly.  It would be nice to know if I already had the virus and had antibodies, but testing is very limited to only suspected active cases, where people are experiencing more severe symptomology.  What is happening to our world and what will it look like in the next handful of months?  These are some of the things I ponder on a daily basis!


One addendum to my thoughts - as I look at the data models and how dynamics have happened in other countries - I find myself worrying about many healthcare systems across the country soon to be overwhelmed - and personal protective equipment in very short supply.  All the information and data are indicating that a huge national disaster is on the verge of occurring tbat will change the country ad we know it.  I have many friends in the healthcare field and a sister who is a nurse.  Infection rates are exponential and this will ramp up so quickly.  Can we learn and adapt quickly and work together?  I want to believe it is still possible, but so many dynamics are happening that are counter to having better outcomes.  Learning & Development professionals could play a big role in facilitating and fostering better outcomes, just as many other disciplines could as well.  However, where is the leadership, where is the coordination, where is the working together?


Thanks for sharing your story! I worry too, and my mind races from thought to thought as well. 

Some of this worry would be lessened if everybody was tested, but our governments (most) have been screwing this up, not moving fast enough. 

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